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Welcome to SEM

Strategic Equity Management, Inc. (SEM) is an Investment Advisory registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. SEM was founded in 1992 and is based in Tucson, Arizona.

Our Investment Focus
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation

                   SEM provides a Dynamic Asset Allocation service using stock and bond mutual funds.

  • Diversification & Capital Preservation

                   Our programs emphasize diversification & capital preservation relative to their benchmarks.

  • Active Risk Management Strategy

                   Ideally, SEM’s active risk management strategy invests in the strongest market sectors
                   during up trending markets and defensively during down trending markets.

  • Reduced Volatility

                  This investment philosophy allows SEM investors the potential to obtain market returns with reduced volatility.

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Regulations prevent us from showing our performance information & giving you more specific information on our programs and services unless we "control our audience".  By registering for our site you gain access to performance reports, our most recent newsletters, market updates, our exclusive Trader's Blog & program reports.  We do not contact you unless you request it, so go ahead and click the register link at the top of the page.

Strategic Equity Management, Inc. is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor based in Tucson, Arizona.  We have clients across the United States, with large concentrations in Colorado, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Washington, Oregon, & Oklahoma.  We provide comprehensive money management to our clients, specializing in retirees and Baby Boomers.  We also service wealthy investors that are looking for Hedge Fund type performance, but for full liquidity and much lower fees.  We offer free financial planning, investment planning, custom portfolio management, and retirement planning.  We use our free retirement calculator to assist you with your retirement savings, income, and spending in order to assure that your Asset Allocation in your long-term portfolio.  Our specialists can also perform analysis of your stock investments and make sure any of your other investment funds meet your goals and objectives.

We specialize in Active Management where we use Financial Engineering techniques to deliver investment strategies that historically have had much lower losses and higher returns than normal buy & hold investments.  Our team of analysts, Rick Gage, Steve Goad, & Jeff Hybiak, perform technical analysis of the stock and bond markets every day.  By holding our clients’ assets at TD Ameritrade we are able to offer the protection of one of the largest Broker Dealers in the country while taking advantage of our custom solutions.  Contact us today for a free portfolio review.